No Service Call Fee's


No Door Charges

Were all Familiar with the Industry Standard of Charging you money for the TRUCK ROLL, but we decided years ago, that's a FAKE Charge to apply to the customer


We don't have overtime rates on RESIDENTIAL Locations, You don't make overtime at home, so we don't charge you overtime rates to come to your home after hours.

Time & Material Billing

You only pay for "Time & Material", how fair can that be. 

We don't add in Extra's and Call them made up money sucker titles.

Flat Rate Billing

Simple Repairs are Generally Just Flat Rate Upfront quotes.

You know what we know as we know it.

Provided with an upfront expectations so you know where you stand.

Online Parts (NO, Sorry)

Yes the Internet is not all the way helping with service companies, there are a lot of parts available on the web, but it is illegal for us to use web ordered parts. Parts used by Best Comfort are OEM, Chain of Custody, Licensed, Bonded Parts, provided by a Certified Supplier. So NO they don't cost what you see on the web, we like to save money too but not at the cost of breaking regulation laws.

Our Techs are Highly Trained

The Tech's in Best Comfort are Trained by Certified Master Tech's, and Mechanical Engineers. We go through continuous industry level change training to keep up with the new standards in real time